cultivator Stark

Stark TL 900/50 average petrol walk-behind tractor
Stark TL 900/50

walk-behind tractor
cultivator Stark TL 900/50
type: walk-behind tractor
class: average
engine type: petrol
manufacturer: Stark
fuel tank capacity (L): 3.60
supported attachments: yes
number of cycles: four-cycle
gearbox: speed manual
number of gears (forward): 2.00
number of gears (back): 1.00
presence of reverse: yes
motor power (hp): 6.50
displacement (cc): 196.00
the number of cylinders of the engine: 1.00
type of gear: worm
type of traction: disk
type wheels: pneumatic
cutter diameter (cm): 300.00
rotation speed, min (rev/min): 120.00
rotation speed, max (rev/min): 120.00
number of cutters included: 6.00
the direction of rotation of cutters: direct
width tillage, min (cm): 60.00
width tillage, max (cm): 100.00
depth of cultivation (cm): 25.00
weight (kg): 82.00
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cultivator Stark

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