trimmer (lawn mower) STIGA Turbo 41 E

trimmer (lawn mower) STIGA Turbo 41 E Photo, Characteristics

trimmer (lawn mower) STIGA Turbo 41 E Photo


typelawn mower
noise level (dB)93.00
blade rotation speed (rev/min)2800.00
equipmentdrive / knife, garbage grass
cutting height adjustmentno
cutting height, min (mm)21.00
cutting height, max (mm)21.00
cutting width (cm)39.00
number of wheelsfour-wheel
housing materialplastic
the presence of the grass-catcherno
emissions grassbagging, ago
type handleheight-adjustable, folding

Efficiency and power consumption:

presence of the batteryno
power (W)1600.00
power (hp)1600.00


diameter rear wheels (cm)19.00
diameter front wheels (cm)16.50


engine's typeelectric
presence of the engine brakeyes

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