trimmer Gruntek

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Gruntek 51BRX  self-propelled lawn mower rear-wheel drive
Gruntek 51BRX

self-propelled lawn mower
rear-wheel drive
trimmer Gruntek 51BRX
type: self-propelled lawn mower
manufacturer: Gruntek
engine's type: rear-wheel drive
engine manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
presence of the engine brake: no
type of grass catcher: soft
emissions grass: bagging
installation of additional equipment: mulching attachments
number of wheels: four-wheel
material wheels: plastic
cutting width (cm): 51.00
cutting height, min (mm): 30.00
cutting height, max (mm): 30.00
type handle: height-adjustable, folding
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Gruntek GH-55K  trimmer
Gruntek GH-55K

trimmer Gruntek GH-55K
type: trimmer
manufacturer: Gruntek
presence of the engine brake: no
number of wheels: two-wheeled
housing material: steel
cutting height adjustment
cutting width (cm): 56.00
cutting height, min (mm): 38.00
cutting height, max (mm): 38.00
type handle: folding
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Gruntek BS-43X  trimmer top
Gruntek BS-43X

trimmer Gruntek BS-43X
type: trimmer
manufacturer: Gruntek
equipment: shoulder strap
engine location: top
presence of the engine brake: no
displacement (cc): 43.00
shape of the bar: straight
fuel tank capacity (L): 0.80
cutting width (cm): 43.00
weight (kg): 7.90
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trimmer Gruntek

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